The Birth Worker

Yasmintheresa Garsiyya Bey


A Taino Arawak Moorish American published author. By way of ancestral calling, I am a Minister of Childbirth who serves as a Natural Birth Keeper, Educator, Traditional Midwife, Intuitive Birth Worker Trainer, and Plant-based influencer.

I have always had the desire to work with my community and help it progress in any way. Through my vision, creations, and experiences.

I am dedicated to inspiring others to produce self-sustainability and regeneration in their communities.


Founder of IbiOp Inc. private organization

and the founder of @earthsharmony health.


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Women Medicine
Rites of Passage of Women 
How to get in order plus do it better

"Every Age has a value + lesson Ages 

20’s- Purpose is to be Visionaries- young eyes see what elders may not be able to still be pure + innocent. 

Challenge: Is the Not-eveness 


30’s- Develop Partnering + Relationship Skills 

Relationship with self + your creator. 


40’s- Except yourself flaws + All - Pull the other ones through.Mentoring other Women. 

Challenge: Gossip, drama, Messing with fuk boys the babies are watching. 


50’s- The wise woman- Demonstrator of lessons they learned Teach the 40’s + 30’s so they can teach the 20’s. 


60’s- The grandmothers - people will want to serve you. Allow yourself to be served. You earned it. Need at least one same friend that tells the truth."

By, Iya Iyanla Vanzant

What stage are you in, in your life and are you honoring your rite of passage?

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