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Herbal Intuition Online Course
The Benefits of Connecting with Nature and Learning about Herbs and Plants

"Our connection to nature is linked to our relationship with our Mother." ~YtheG

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Our Program 

About our Herbal Intuition Course

Activate your herbal intuition and restore your connection with nature with YtheG's Herbal Intuition Online Course. This 3-week course will teach you the different properties of plants and review case studies on their physical and spiritual benefits. With our ancestral guidance, you'll learn how to apply this knowledge in your daily life and gain a deeper understanding of herbal medicine, different foods, and the elements. Our live video sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays provide an opportunity to interact with other learners and ask questions. You'll also receive recipes and instructions for daily nutrition, so you can continue to benefit from the power of plants even after the course is over. Enroll now and start your journey towards a deeper connection with nature.

This 3 week course will be on-going. If you wish to continue learning you can re-enroll after you complete your first 3 weeks.

As an Educator, YtheG has a background in Dietetics which is the science of Nutrition, Emergency Medicine, and Food safety. She couples this knowledge with her ancestral wisdom imparted by her lineage of Medicine men/wombman and midwives.

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Live classes take place on Mondays and Wednesdays at 8pm. est.& pacific

  • Learn the different properties of plants

  • Review Case Studies on Physical & Spiritual benefits

  • Learn How to Apply the knowledge

  • Restore your connection with Nature

  • Recipes & Instructions for Daily Nutrition

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