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Intuitive Birth Worker Training

Collaboration with Amira, Minister of Alkemy's Transcendental Energy Healing Journey

Answering your calling to serve as a Minister of Childbirth

"Whenever a animal, society, or any living entity looses its intuition that is the precursor to their destruction. ~Dr.Phil Valentine author of The Wounded Womb


Intuitive Birth Worker Training


This program is cultivated to initiate sisters into their calling to serve as a Minister of Childbirth. A Minister of Childbirth is an Intuitive Birth Worker formally known as a “Doula” who serves from a place of connection to spirit, nature, her culture and her experience as a woman.


As a Minister of Childbirth, she uses ancient practices to be a gate keeper of life and death and teaches families how to honor the Rite of Passage of Mother & Fatherhood.


A Minister of Childbirth must be committed to be a pillar of Sacred Feminine Energy whether she has or has not birthed children in physical form. She leads with love, compassion and by example of accountability and wisdom. She over stands her own family history and has decided to take the responsibility to nurture those who confide in her without compromising herself or her own home.


Our Program 

Week 1. Introduction- The calling to serve as an Intuitive Birth Worker


Week 2. Honoring & Relearning Our Moon Cycles / Aligned with Nature


Week 3. Conception & Pregnancy / The Initiation


Week 4. Aboriginal Birth Worker Methodology


Week 5. Intuition Led Practice / Dietetics & Nutrition


Week 6. Intuition Led Practice / Tending to the land & Traditional Medicine


Week 7. Your Ministry in Birth Work / Big Mamma Energy


Week 8. 4th Trimester / Postpartum Care


Week 9. Breastfeeding / Ceremonies & Rituals in Birth Work


Week 10. Closing Evaluations & Ancestral Qualifications

During the training the following topics will be addressed:

  • anatomy and physiology during childbirth 

  • process of labor, delivery and the postpartum period

  • specialized and one-on-one care

  • obstetrical procedures

  • breastfeeding

  • communication and listening skills

  • benefits of social support systems

  • impact of racial and class disparities on pregnancy and birth outcomes

  • spirituality during pregnancy & childbirth 

  • supporting a client & family culturally

  • dietetics & nutrition 

  • comfort measures and labor support

  • newborn care and procedures

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Currently Enrolling for Cohort #8!

Typically birth workers create and manage their own private practice or work in partnerships or collectives. Entrepreneurial skills and self-employment aspects of this calling are explored during the training, and peer group and mentoring support is offered during and after the weekly sessions end.

Intuitive Birth Worker Training will:
-Train students to impart evidence-based information to families and prepare them for pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum period.
-Prepare students to work professionally in a variety of settings, including home births, hospitals, birth centers, along with medical staff. -Understanding scope of practice and code of ethics required by our Ministry of Childbirth.

Tuition Cost: $1,500 [$1050] (30% OFF) Limited time ONLY*        
Deposit: $350  (Upon deposit you begin one-one-one sessions with Amira The Energy Guide & Birth Worker Training online course EVEN BEFORE starting LIVE classes.

*Payment Plans Available* Cancelation Policy: Due to the structure of the program and organization we do not provide refunds for Cancelation. We do give the option for any student to transfer their course access to another student who can benefit from the course.

Jurae, Antelope Valley, CA


I was looking for several doula classes to take that best fit to my beliefs. I went through about 5 people to get to Ytheg and honestly it was one of the best decision!! I learned so much about my own body and the magical gifts I have within myself. This course you not only gain knowledge about taking care of yourself before, during pregnancy, and after. But you gain a connection with wonderful women all around the world that are midwives or doula. Not only that, it is an excellent mentor program for anyone who needs help building a business or even gaining that self love/confidence if you did not have it! So thank you Ytheg for confirming so many wonderful things about myself through learning! Truly appreciate you!!

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Khadijah, Scarborough, Canada


Yas is an amazing mentor. Always made us feel capable and showed a genuine interest in our development.

would recommend this program 10 times over <3

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