"Whenever a animal, society, or any living entity looses its intuition that is the precursor to their destruction.~Dr.Phil Valentine author of,

"The Wounded Womb"


Intuitive Birth Worker Training / Traditional Midwifery Focus

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    Weekly sessions
    Valid for 3 months
    • Intuitive Birth Worker Training
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Steps to Certify as an Intuitive Birth Worker

Course Objectives

During the training the following topics will be addressed:

  • anatomy and physiology during childbirth 

  • process of labor, delivery and the postpartum period

  • specialized and one-on-one care

  • obstetrical procedures

  • breastfeeding

  • communication and listening skills

  • benefits of social support systems

  • impact of racial and class disparities on pregnancy and birth outcomes

  • spirituality during pregnancy & childbirth 

  • supporting a client & family culturally

  • dietetics & nutrition 

  • comfort measures and labor support

  • newborn care and procedures


Steps to Certify as an Intuitive Birth Worker

Step One – Enroll in Training – $550 ) 

& Attend Live Training check ins Thursdays @ 6:00pm eastern time.


Step Two – Attend Wednesday's YtheG Mentorship Hangout Call on zoom (A melanated Birth worker meetup with sisters from all over the country with different levels of training in Birth and Light Work)


Step Three – Purchase Required reading materials - $60-$90 (Or find them online for less or free)


Step Four - Attend or take an online Childbirth Education Series (This is now provided on the online virtual curriculum)



The form you need for this requirement can be found in the Intuitive Birth worker training packet. If you are already a Birth Worker or you have completed training as a childbirth educator through one of our approved organizations, you can supply a certificate of completion or a letter verifying your experience to meet this requirement.

Step Five –  Attend 3 Births Required to Complete Training : Cost – None-Expenses

Any time within the (1) year after completion of the Intuitive birth worker workshop and purchase of your Intuitive birth worker business packet, you may begin attending births. You will need to fill out several forms that are included in your Intuitive doula training packet for each birth you submit, including a birth record, labor progress chart, and client confidentiality release statement. For each birth, you will need to write a birth story following the guidelines indicated in your packet.  Each submitted birth will require an evaluation from the mother.  While there are no direct costs to the doula (birth worker) to attend births, you may have expenses such as parking, child care, and gas etc..


Step Six – Attend a Breastfeeding Class Cost – Approx. $40 or free
You may complete the breastfeeding course requirement at any point within the year (1) year time frame.


Step Seven – Sign IbiOp’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics

Cost – None

Both of these forms are included in your Intuitive Birth worker training packet. 


What makes us different than other programs?


You are provided a year of spiritual and business mentoring to encourage completing the training within that year. If you do not complete training requirements within a year the mentorship fee will be $50 per year which provides continuous communication and dedicated time from the trainer. 

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