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Sensuality vs. Sexuality

In most cases when one hears the words sexuality it may be easy to quickly identify its meaning. But how often do we hear people speak on the importance of sensuality?

One may guess that both are the same but the truth is; without Sensuality which can arguably be viewed, as a feminine characteristic there is no healthy relationship. As opposed to sexuality, which is usually, embraced as a masculine characteristic. Sexuality can often be misguided and acted upon with lack of commitment, nurturing, or investment of emotional or spiritual energy.

A connection I have made is of the correlation that can go as deep as connecting the Universal presence of the Moon and Sun and its resemblance to our own relationships. From my personal observations I have found women to be more seductive and excited about partnered pleasures in the nighttime when the moon is romancing our skies. A woman tends to be a, take me out for dinner and romance me with candles and a room decorated with rose pedals followed by a bubble bath kind of character. This usually happens at night. Also babies have a tendency to be born at night throughout the wee hours of the morning. It seems as though the feminine energies may be at its elevated levels in the nighttime. Whereas males, RISE WITH THE SUN! Biologically speaking men usually greet the morning with an erection. I believe there is no such thing as coincidence.

Sun = Yang = Masculine Energy

Moon = Yin = Feminine Energy

I found myself shocked during a conversation about personal hygiene and the importance of keeping ones body groomed. Not to impress anyone else but for the sake of your own self-love and self-care. Many people understand sexuality as it pertains to relationships but very few know that sensuality is the prerequisite to a healthy relationship.  I never put much thought to the two until now.

Sensuality: Is the self-love and self-care of ones being. This includes personal grooming, Yes, Waxing, Shaving, Using Nair, Trimming, Brushing, Flossing, Showering, and Showering after sex. I am an Avid promoter of this practice. Basically making time to cater to yourself and your health.

Women are known to be the spearheads of sensuality. We are the examples of everything beautiful and feminine. If not for us it may be very rare to find a home well kept, clean with fresh flowers on the table. Only men who have matured into their true masculinity have learned the meaning of being in tuned with both their sexuality and sensuality. This means a man who does not need his girlfriend or wife to tell him to wash up his temple and tidy up his environment. At this level of maturity this man has truly learned the balance and difference between sexuality and sensuality. Now imagine how much more value we can add to our relationships if we focused on our individual sensuality as much as we do our sexuality.

Sensuality is the enjoyment, EXPRESSION, or pursuit of physical, especially sexual pleasure.

Synonyms are sexiness, sexual attractiveness, sultriness, and seductiveness.

In my opinion Sensuality is literally the effort put into feeling good for yourself, which alludes to self-love. With having mastered the art of self-love one can now have an abundance of love to pore over onto someone else. Freely and selflessly that is.

Sexuality is the capacity for sexual feelings and sexual activity.

It is safe to say that we all have sexuality, the capacity for sexual feelings and engage or one day will engage in sexual activity. Nonetheless this is what allows humanity to sustain itself through reproduction of its kind, therefore imperative. In order to improve our mental health as a species we must understand the difference of both sexuality and sensuality and begin to honor and take pride in our sensuality more often. In fact, it should be a prerequisite for a relationship between any two individuals.

How to become more sensual:

1. Take deep breaths throughout your day to center your mind, soul, and spirit with your body.

2. Pay close attention to your thoughts and only create positive ones.

3. Massage your body daily.

4. Keep your body groomed, clean, exfoliated, and moisturize. (The touch of your own skin will induce confidence.)

5. Treat yourself to a personal enhancement appointment.

6. Get a new hair due, visit the barbershop, get a manicure/pedicure.

7. Buy yourself that sexy lingerie/underwear you keep postponing just because you are single. Do it for yourself!

8. Dance in front of your mirror naked by yourself.

9. Write a letter to your present self and your future self. What do you want out of life?

10. SLEEP NAKED! (Thank me later.)

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